hatem [dot] abouzeid [at] ucalgary.ca


I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Software Engineering at the University of Calgary. My research is in communication networks with a focus on AI-driven network management and immersive low-latency communications. 

I held industrial positions at Ericsson Canada and Cisco Systems before joining the University of Calgary. My R&D experience spanned the design and invention of algorithms for 5G radio access networks, core-network traffic engineering, and efficient routing protocols for data-centres. Several of these techniques have been deployed in 5G networks worldwide.


I earned my PhD from Queen's University in 2014 where I proposed mobility-aware predictive radio access techniques for video streaming. 

Prospective Students: I have open M.Sc. and Ph.D. positions. Please see my Research page for more details.


  • PDF Opportunity: The UCalgary Eyes High Postdoctoral Match-Funding Program is accepting applications, deadline Nov 5th. This is a competitive program. Contact me if you are an interested in a PDF position at my lab.

  • I am serving on the TPCs of the Next-Generation Networking and Internet Symposium and the IoT and Sensor Networks Symposium at IEEE ICC 2022. Submission deadlines are 11 October 2021.

  • Our paper “Virtual Reality Gaming on the Cloud: A Reality Check,” has been accepted for publication IEEE Global Communications Conference  (GLOBECOM), 2021.

  • Our paper “Reinforcement Learning Based Energy-Efficient Component Carrier Activation-Deactivation in 5G,” has been accepted for publication IEEE Global Communications Conference.  (GLOBECOM), 2021.

  • Our paper “To DSRC or 5G? A Safety Analysis for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles,” has been accepted for publication IEEE Global Communications Conference  (GLOBECOM), 2021.  

  • I am co-chairing the Wireless Network Innovations for Mobile Edge Learning workshop at IEEE ICC 2021. The program includes an exciting industrial panel on June 18th, 9 am EDT. 

  • Ericsson is hiring a Machine Learning Intern to work on novel algorithms for 5G network and radio resource management. Please let me know if you are interested/know a good candidate!

  • The TRL Research Lab at Queen's University is hiring a Postdoctoral Fellow to work on Machine Learning in Future Networks as part of the NSERC Strategic collaboration with Ericsson. If interested please feel free to contact me.