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  1. Extended Reality (XR) Applications and QoE over 5G Networks (Hiring)

  2. Brain Sensing and Communications - Transfer Learning for Pediatric BCI 

  3. AI-Powered Traffic Flow Characterization, Monitoring, and Prediction

  4. Robust Intelligence for Beyond-5G Networks and Applications (Hiring)
    Topics of research include
    designing novel robust intelligence algorithms for future networks to enable 5G/6G services, modeling traffic & QoE of 6G services (extended reality, multi-sensory communications), inventing disruptive 6G architectures and protocols.


  5. Cognitive Machine Type Communications for Massive IoT Applications
    Topics of research
    include adaptive configured grant scheduling for factory automation, joint communication and path planning of UAVs.


  6. 5G-Assisted Autonomous Vehicles
    Topics of research
    include anticipatory scheduling for autonomous vehicles, microscopic vehicle mobility and maneuver prediction.


  7. Machine Intelligence and Big Data Analytics for 5G Networks and Beyond                   
    Topics of research include network traffic prediction using real network data, hybrid deep learning architectures for spatiotemporal mobility modeling, anticipatory network slicing using reinforcement learning, predictive mobility-aware hand-overs.


  8. Navigation and Control of Drones over 5G Networks: Enhanced Communication, Adaptive Control and Drone Swarm Collision Avoidance
    Topics of research include design of low-latency aerial communication techniques, interference mitigation, drone positioning algorithms, and latency-aware drone control.

Past Projects 

These are some of the research projects and topics of interest that ​I led/co-led as an industrial partner at Ericsson Canada:

  1. Autonomous Multi-RAT Radio Resource Management for 5G (OCE ENCQOR, UOttawa)

  2. Sensor-less Sensing of 5G Application Traffic (OCE ENCQOR, Ryerson University)

  3. Coordinated Communication and Interference Management under Network Virtualization (OCE ENCQOR, UoT)

  4. Beyond Visual Line of Sight Drones Enabled by Enhanced Mobile Broadband (OCE ENCQOR SME, IndroRobotics):  

  5. Distributed Edge Caching using Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning (MITACS, McGill)

  6. Spatial and Temporal Prediction of Wireless Communication Channels for 5G (OCE ENCQOR, UoT)

  7. Situation-Aware Machine Type Communications (OCE ENCQOR, Western University)


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