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Teaching @ UCalgary

ENEL 619.03 - Advanced Networking Paradigms for Emerging Applications                   Fall 2023

ENEL 592/4 - Accelerated Low-Latency Machine Learning for Wireless                           Fall/Winter 2022/23

                    Communication Functions  

ENSF 511 - Industrial Internet of Things Systems and Data Analytics                                    Winter 2022/23

ENEL 680 - Applied Optimization for Sustainable Design                                                      Fall 2022/23

Invited Talks

Fast, Efficient, and Safe AI                                                                                                May 2023
Keynote, Workshop on Trustworthy and Explainable AI, University of Calgary, Canada

Beyond 5G Networks with Integrated Intelligence, Metaverses, and Perception             June 2022           Invited Talk, Schulich Innovates, University of Calgary, Canada

Building Scalable & Reliable Internet-of-Things Networks                                                            Apr. 2021

Department of Electrical and Software Engineering, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada

Robust Network Intelligence for Future Networks                                                                        March 2021

School of Computing, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada

Predictive Networking: Applications and Techniques                                                                    Aug. 2020

Department of Computer Science, Western University, London, Canada

Navigating the Road to Autonomous Networking                                                                          May 2020*

Machine Learning and AI Ottawa Meetup Group (4400+ Members) Invited Talks Series
*originally scheduled to present May 2020, postponed and has not yet been held due to Covid-19.

Ottawa, Canada

Toward Applied and Reproducible Reinforcement Learning in Wireless Networks                July 2020

Keynote Industrial Talk: DRONECOM 2020 Workshop, collocated with INFOCOM, 2020

Workshop on Drone-Assisted Smart Backhaul Solutions for 5G and Beyond

Toronto, Canada

[Invited Panelist] AI in Practice: Developments & Careers                                                     February 2020

Your Data, Big Data Conference, Project Tech Conferences (PTC) 2020

Carleton University, Ottawa Canada

[Invited Panelist] Telecommunications Industry                                                                     November 2019

Students in Engineering & Technology (SET) Conference

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada

AI-Driven 5G Networks and Beyond                                                                                             October 2019

IEEE Ottawa Section Seminar Series on AI and Machine Learning

Kanata, Canada

Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks Workshop                                                         March 2019

Ericsson ONE Innovations Center                                         

Ottawa, Canada


Introduction to Machine Learning Workshop                                                                                 March 2019

Ericsson ONE Innovations Center                                         

Ottawa, Canada

On Applying Data Networking Traffic Engineering in Autonomous Transportation Management

Workshop                                                                                                                                                       June 2018

Centre for Automated and Transformative Transportation Systems                                         

University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Big Data and Connectivity Enablers for Autonomous Transportation Systems                  March 2018

Centre for Automated and Transformative Transportation Systems                                 

University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada


Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization for Service Provider and Data Center Networks                  TRLab, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada,                                                         May 2017

Predictive Radio Access Networks for Vehicular Content Delivery                                        October 2014

WiSense Lab, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada


Predictive Radio Access and Scheduling for Vehicular Communications                                    July 2014

Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada


Vehicular Networks Tutorial: Concepts, Architectures and Standardization                              2011-2013

Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada

  • CISC 834: Paradigms of Wireless and Mobile Networking (Graduate Course).

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