My research is on future network design for beyond-5G/6G services with a focus on AI-powered network design and immersive multi-sensory communications. Traditional networks have been developed with communication protocols of different layers operating independently and with minimal adaptation mechanisms and knowledge of the user, environment, and data packets. This has led to "semi-static" protocols and networks that cannot provide ultra reliable low latency, high data-rates at scale. Enabling 6G applications such immersive and critical communications will therefore require novel networking solutions and architectures. This includes: 1) modeling and predicting user behavior and application traffic without deep packet inspection, 2) joint sensing and communications, 3) developing novel multi-layer networking protocols and functions that incorporate this knowledge, and 4) designing end-to-end AI-powered network functions that can autonomously efficiently adapt to user and network context. 

Focus Areas

My current research focus spans the following three areas:

5G/6G Communications and Networking

  • Radio Resource Management (RRM) for Low Latency Communications

  • 6G Architectures, Protocols, and Techniques that enable AI, Cross-layer & Semantics-based Communication

  • Joint Sensing & Communications using 6G

  • UAV, Non-Terrestrial Communications

Immersive & Multi-Sensory Communications

  • Traffic Modeling and Non-invasive Classification of 6G Applications

  • Predictive RRM & Cross-Layer Designs

  • Communication-Compute-Control Co-Design

  • Testbed, Prototyping & Development of Multi-Sensory Communications

Robust Intelligence for Future Networks

  • Interpretable, Scalable AI for Networks

  • Robust Reinforcement Learning Algorithms

  • Multi-Agent and Federated Learning

  • Low-Overhead Online Learning, Meta-learning